Canterbury police's hilarious response to outrageous fashion crime

Canterbury police's hilarious response to outrageous fashion crime
Photo credit: Jason Walls/Twiter

Canterbury police's social media account has struck again, wittily responding to a report of a heinous fashion crime. 

Twitter user and journalist Jason Walls posted a picture on Twitter of a matching gold suit being sold for $38 dollars. 

"I'm calling the police," his post reads. 

Canterbury police then got word of the outrageous crime and responded. 

"Hi Jason. While we usually don't recommend reporting via social media, on this occasion we'll make an exception because, by Odin's raven, there's been a crime committed here," the post reads. 

"That said, we think our CIB would look fab-u-lous in this," the post reads. 

Hundreds of people have liked the post, Mr Wall himself saying "by Odin's raven - 100 percent going to be working this into my normal day-to-day conversation from now on".

"Please feel free to use, 'By the Hammer of Thor,' and, 'By the power of Greyskull,' also," police responded.

"And when you're with colleagues in the Gallery, please consider standing in a circle and chanting thusly, 'With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet.' Just stuff we do every day."

The witty Twitter thread has been liked by hundreds of people and was seen by people as far away as Alberta, Canada. The Canterbury police even gave a shout out to their local ice hockey and football teams.  

Run by Inspector Hirone Waretini, the Canterbury Police social media pages often have people in hysterics with their comical posts. 

They've garnered quite the reputation over the years, occasionally breaking away from posting more serious content. 

Last year, Canterbury police warned people not to call them complaining about the finale of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

"For those of you who are concerned that it's a short season and feel a bit cheated, THIS IS NOT AN OFFENCE. We feel like we've talked about things like this before.

"Finally, just in case you were contemplating calling us to find out when Season 8 comes out, don't do that. Mainly because we don't know. Because we're in Canterbury, New Zealand. And we're the Police. So again, no." the post read.


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