Child hums adult store jingle, sparking complaint

A Peaches and Cream store in Christchurch.
A Peaches and Cream store in Christchurch. Photo credit: Google Maps

A radio advert for an adult shop sparked a complaint when a listener heard their son humming the store's jingle.

It wasn't the content of the advert that irked, complainant L Blair told the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

"I wouldn't make this complaint if wasn't my boy humming the theme song of this commercial and [asking] me, what does the adult shop sell?"

The complainant said the advert, for sex shop Peaches and Cream, aired several times in the late morning and around lunchtime on talkback stations RadioLIVE and Newstalk ZB in October, during the school holidays. It promoted its "huge range of sexy lingerie", "hundreds of exciting DVDs" and "top brand toys".

"I assume this commercial plays at different stations in the daytime while kids are active," the complainant said.

In a release, the ASA referred to a previous ruling it had made on the same advertiser, in which it noted most children would be at school at that time of day - that is if it wasn't the holidays, which was "unfortunate" timing.

"There was however, no explicit references made in the advertisement, which was advertising legal products," the ASA said in its ruling.

And while the word "toys" might grab kids' attention, it's unlikely they'd understand their "true nature", the ASA said, throwing the complaint out.

The complainant's child's age was not noted.