Christchurch skydiver to attempt 100 jumps in one day for charity

On Monday, Christchurch Skydiver Steve Gregor will attempt to complete 100 jumps in a single day, smashing a 20-year old New Zealand record in the process.

He's putting his life on the line to raise money for the Canterbury Westpac Rescue Helicopter via a Givealittle page.

He plans to free fall every six minutes for 15 hours straight. To do that, he's got help from three planes, three pilots, one hot air balloon, six parachutes and over 40 ground crew.

"I'll strap on my first parachute at about quarter past five that morning and get into a plane that climbs to just 2000 feet, which is pretty low," he told Three's The Project on Thursday night.

"It takes about 90 seconds to get back to the ground again, and the moment my feet touch the ground my team strip my parachute off me, another team fit me with another one, and I get into a second plane which is already on the runway."

Mr Gregor says this cycle will be repeated so he can achieve one jump every five minutes.

Jumping from 2000 feet means he'll have a lot less time than usual to deal with any issues that may pop up when in the air.

"If you were to come for a skydive we'd take you to 12,000 feet, you'd get a 50 second free fall and a five minute parachute ride."

But he'll only have around three seconds of free fall and a 40 second parachute ride.

He's been training in this particular kind of jump for months, and says the mental workout is just as important as the physical one.

"No one really knows how fit you have to be to do this kind of thing."

You can follow Steve's journey on social media by searching 'hundredjumpproject'.