Dead pregnant Wellington woman Sonam Shelar's phones discovered

Two phones belonging to dead pregnant Wellington woman Sonam Shelar have been found in Island Bay, after her body was found on Wednesday.

Det Snr Sgt Warwick McKee told reporters on Friday that police had found several items, including two phones.

One of the phones is an Apple iPhone X.

Her husband Sagar Shelar told Stuff police had asked him for the passcodes to the phones on Thursday afternoon.

"The other [phone], police said, was not working which makes me think they were found in the water," he said.

Although a post-mortem of her body, which was found on a remote Wairarapa beach, has been completed, police could not provide details on the cause of death. They were awaiting further details and forensic analysis, Det Snr Sgt McKee said.

Police are appealing to members of the public in the area of Island Bay and Khandallah - where she lived - for any CCTV footage that may provide an insight into Ms Shelar's movement. A significant amount of footage has already been obtained, but police wouldn't discuss if Ms Shelar's movements could be ascertained by analysing the footage.

Dead pregnant Wellington woman Sonam Shelar's phones discovered

A scene examination is taking place at White Rock Beach to search for any further evidence, including pieces of Ms Shelar's clothing.

Support is being provided to Ms Shelar's family and Mr Shelar is said to be fully cooperating with investigations, including allowing police to fully search the pair's residence.

Ms Shelar went missing on Saturday, only days after what her husband called an upsetting ultrasound that didn't confirm her baby was the boy she dreamed of.

Ms Shelar's family in India believe she may have been murdered, but police investigations are ongoing.

Dead pregnant Wellington woman Sonam Shelar's phones discovered

Det Snr Sgt McKee said he couldn't discuss those comments.

The family's spokesperson Harshal Patkar disputes reports that Ms Shelar's ultrasound results made her upset.

"This thing which is going on in the news that she was upset because she wanted a baby boy, this news is not right, it is not true. She wanted a baby boy but she was never upset about having a baby girl."

Mr Shelar told Stuff that he knows he is likely the police's prime suspect, but denies being involved in her disappearance.

An earlier version of this story said the phones were found on the same beach as Ms Shelar's body. The phones were found in Island Bay. This has been corrected.


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