Fireworks go on sale

  • 02/11/2018

It's hoped Guy Fawkes this year will be a blast - for all the right reasons.

The explosives go on sale Friday morning, and will be available for just four days.

Environmental Protection Authority spokesperson Doug Jones says there's plenty you can do to stay safe.

"Keep pets locked up, be mindful of others such as your neighbours, keep a bucket of water or a hose or fire extinguisher handy."

Mr Jones says the most important thing is that you read the instructions.

"We ask that people are responsible, adults are the ones that light the fires. Dud fireworks - leave them alone."

He says it's also a bad idea to throw defunct fireworks into a fire.

There are currently no plans to ban private use of fireworks.

"These are matters where people feel very strongly in either direction," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said earlier this week.

"I've talked to the ministers' offices; it's not something they're actively looking at, at this point."

Ban the Boom NZ, a group campaigning against the public sale of fireworks, says animals every year are injured by rogue explosions and scared by the loud bangs.

Spokesperson Alice Hayward said the problem is with members of the public using fireworks outside of Guy Fawkes night.

"The public doesn't see it as 'one night a year'," Ms Hayward said.

"There are suburbs and locations that do it random hours in the night before the fifth, and many weeks and months after the fifth."

She said she lost her horse in 2013 after being spooked by the loud noises and running into a fence.