Safety a priority at first charity boxing match since Kain Parsons' death

The first charity boxing event since the death of Kain Parsons will be held in Auckland on Friday night. 

Mr Parsons' life support was turned off on Wednesday after he was critically injured during charity boxing event 'Fight for Christchurch' last Saturday night.

Held at Eden Terrace, the match is run by Daniella Smith who told Newshub she has gone to great lengths to ensure all fights are safe.

"Headgear is just compulsory, it's just a given, if you don't wear it, you're not hopping in the ring, that's final," she said.  

All fighters have the option of wearing protective headgear however Mr Parsons did not to wear any the night of his match.

Controversially, the 37-year-old was given two standing eight counts, where the referee counts to eight after a fighter has been stunned.

Along with the referee, a supervisor will be ringside and have the power to stop a fight at any time, especially if a boxer is unresponsive following a standing eight count. 

The Boxing Commission has said they won't be cutting ties with charity or corporate events, following Mr Parsons death, like Boxing New Zealand did. 

All sanctions will meet later this month to discuss if further safety measures are needed in the industry.