Hibiscus Coast residents angry after iconic kingfish 'Murphy' slayed

Hibiscus Coast residents angry after iconic kingfish 'Murphy' slayed
Photo credit: Facebook

Hibiscus Coast residents are fuming after the "barbaric slaying" of a local icon - Murphy the kingfish.

A local man posted on the Hibiscus Coast Facebook Page that four men had gutted Murphy, the "Gulf Habour resident"at 4:15pm on Saturday afternoon at Gulf Habour Marina, where "thousands of families" enjoy free fish viewing daily.

He said the 1.2m long kingfish was speared from the pier, which he labelled a "dumb, foolish act" which angered and disappointed many.

That anger came out on Facebook, with Hibiscus Coast residents furious with the men.

"Pathetic boys they are. Obviously not capable of catching anything in the wild... low-lifes," said Robyn Sheehan, while Rowena Long reckoned they were "useless pricks".

Reid Quinlan, who identified himself as from Spearfishing New Zealand, said they were very disappointed and called the actions "insensitive" and "unsporting".

The area is a popular fish feeding spot, home to kingfish, snapper and famous stingrays Brutus and Stumpy - who are believed to be unharmed.

Rest in peace Murphy.