Kaiapoi North School 'devastated' after fire destroys classroom

A primary school north of Christchurch has closed for the day after a fire "devastated" a classroom block Wednesday night. 

Kaiapoi North School said it has been left with no electricity, and police will be investigating the cause of the blaze. 

"We are thankful no one has been hurt, however we are devastated that the children's and teacher's treasured classroom space is completely gone," the school said in a statement.

The area affected by the fire will be fenced off, the school said, adding that once the investigation into the fire is over, demolition crews will move in. 

"We are extremely grateful to our Woodend and Rangiora fire crews who worked hard to limit the damage to just one block," the school said. 

Its Cultural Celebration evening has been cancelled. 

"Overnight we've had some shocking news that our classroom block has gone up in flames," principal Jason Miles told Newshub. "It's a two-classroom block, and our school is very fortunate that it was isolated from another block beside it.

"The fire crew did an amazing job to save that one, but the other classroom block is completely gutted," he said, adding that the building had recently been refurbished.

"It's going to be an emotional hit for [students], for sure; they get attached to the spaces we're in. The children have worked hard for all their work around the [classroom]. Everything's gone from that space - it's a loss for everyone."

Kaiapoi North School had 508 primary school students enrolled at the start of the year. It is located about 15 minutes north of Christchurch. 

The school said more information on the blaze will be shared throughout the day.