'Mind-blowing': Kiwi captures incredible footage of 'dancing' Weddell Seal in Antarctica

A Kiwi researcher has captured incredible footage of a Weddell Seal playing under Antarctica's ice.

Massey University lecturer and researcher Jason O'Hara captured the footage on a whim when he tested out his GoPro.

Mr O'Hara was with a group of researchers on Cape Armitage, exploring the effects of climate change on Antarctica's ecosystem when the playful seal was spotted.

"I was testing it, and thought I'll stick it down, point it around, point it back towards the emergency hole [because a seal] was there not long ago.

"I think I'm really lucky."

In the video you can see the seal dancing around underwater near one of the emergency holes divers use to come up from under the ice.

He says the sound the seal makes in the video is "mind-blowing". 

The GoPro was attached to a two-metre pole that a had a cable running down it, so Mr O'Hara could see what the recorder captured. 

"I think because of the unique approach, I got some unique footage - but I don't know how rare it is," he told Newshub.

This wasn't the first time he has been on the ice. Mr O'Hara went two years ago with Trinity Roots frontman Warren Maxwell. 

The footage will be used as a part of dance installation at Space Place in Wellington in March, as well as ongoing research and art projects.