Mum designs fashionable diabetes bracelets for daughter

A clever Kiwi mum has designed fashionable diabetes bracelets for her daughter after she was diagnosed with Type 1.

Payton McDonald still remembers the night two years ago when she ended up in hospital with excruciating pain in her abdomen. 

It turned out she had Type 1 diabetes, which means she has to wear a medic alert bracelet - but there was one problem. 

"The bracelets that I saw were quite plain," Payton's mum Hayley McDonald says.

"I wanted Payton to wear something she was proud to put on and not be embarrassed by a diagnosis that she can't help."

So Hayley came up with a gem of an idea and started designing bracelets that are fun and fashionable. 

And Payton loves her new bracelet. 

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