New speeding camera trial for Waterview, Southern motorway coming

Average speed cameras will get their first trial next year when they are installed on two stretches of Auckland motorway.

The Government announced today on Monday average speed cameras, (also known as point-to-point cameras) will be trialled in 2019 through the Waterview Tunnel and at a site on the Southern Motorway between Manukau and Papakura.

Average speed cameras work by taking a photograph of the car at the beginning of a stretch and then again at the end, and averaging the speeds between the two points.

If the driver has slowed down enough that the average falls below the speed limit, no ticket will be issued.

Police Minister Stuart Nash said the new cameras should promote slowing down on high-speed stretches of road.

"Speed is the single biggest factor that determines if someone in a crash dies, is injured, or walks away unharmed.

"Safer speeds mean fewer crashes, fewer serious injuries, and fewer people dying," he said.

Acting Associate Transport Minister James Shaw said "the average speed cameras will be trialled in locations where the consequences of a high speed crash could be deadly."

In the Waterview Tunnel, a high speed crash would be potentially catastrophic, and on the Southern Motorway where there are currently roadworks, speeding drivers are putting workers at risk, said Mr Nash.

Principal Advisor of Regulations at AA, Mark Stockdale, said the new cameras will also mean fewer tickets for drivers who only briefly break the speed limit.

"Having cameras that issue millions of dollars in fines year-after-year shows that we need to be trying different approaches like these trials.

"If they can help us to get more people travelling at safe speeds and less ticketing being issued that will be a win-win for everyone."

Signage will be installed to let people know about the cameras during the trial.

Mr. Nash said this will "give people plenty of opportunity to slow down to a safe speed within the limit and help keep all road users safe".


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