Police Association blames young, inexperienced officers for worst police speeding

The Police Association President is blaming young, inexperienced officers for the worst cases of police speeding.

Information obtained by Newshub revealed police breaking their own advice to keep the speed down, with some officers caught going 45km/h above the speed limit for no apparent reason.

Police have been slammed by road safety experts for their hypocrisy, but Chris Cahill, the Police Association President, believes younger officers may just be putting the pedal to the medal out of excitement.

"There's always that education, especially for newer and younger officers that might get excited going to a job and think that requires urgency to get there," said Mr Cahill.

He believes some call outs may initially appear to be an emergency, but evidence of a need for urgency often "doesn't pan out".

Newshub has uncovered many cases of officers speeding throughout the country, with hundreds of police officers caught going over the limit, leading to thousands of dollars in fines.

The 'Top 10' speeding offences by police in the last three years include instances in Northland, Auckland, Eastern regions, Wellington and Southern New Zealand.

Police Association blames young, inexperienced officers for worst police speeding
Photo credit: Newshub

National Police Roading Manager Superintendent Steve Greally said that is disappointing.

"Police have been hammering the road safety message 'speed kills' for the last 30 years - they have issued millions of tickets as the road toll rises," he said. "Quite clearly what's good enough for you and me is good enough for the police".

In each case, police vehicles were picked up by speed cameras and the individual officers had to pay the fine out of their own pocket.

"Police officers, more than anymore, know the dangers of speeding and the consequences of it," said Mr Cahill.