Rocket caravan on sale because 'you just don't need two rockets'

Fancy a rocket caravan? Well, an Auckland man who has two is selling one of his impressive creations.

Alan Sutton's rocket caravan won't take you to space, its jets are just for show, and it doesn't even have an engine or a fuel source.

But the engineer of more than 30 years has found the 7m long rocket-camper perfect for staying in overnight at motorsport events.

Mr Sutton said it's mostly made out of spare parts, including old barbeque doors; but has a fully insulated kitchen and sleeping space in the nose, and 12 volt LED Lights.

After the six-month labour of love, he decided to build another - but this time, the rocket caravan is 8m tall.

"I thought if it was on hydraulic rams I'd be two or three floors up and I'd get a better view," he said.

Transporting the new model isn't a problem, with Mr Sutton modifying a truck and trailer.

With his backyard now invaded by spacecraft and because "you just don't need two rockets", he's decided to list the original rocket on TradeMe for $14,000.

But that doesn't mean he's finished dreaming up other projects to keep himself busy.

"Backyard stuff is always more of an achievement than multimillion dollar expenses like super cars and stuff. That's what I think, anyway," he said.