Rocket Lab aims to launch a rocket every week by 2020

The launch of Rocket Lab's first commercial rocket on Sunday was another proud moment for founder Peter Beck.

With a new launch site secured in the US, the company hopes to increase flights to one a month in the next year.

Mr Beck says it's "game on" after the launch.

"What we've accomplished here as a company and as a machine is enormous, so incredibly proud of everybody."

After a series of delays earlier in the year, the Electron rocket - dubbed 'It's Business Time' - successfully took off from Mahia Peninsula in Hawke's Bay late on Sunday afternoon.

At mission control in Auckland's Mt Wellington, there was a quiet celebration as the satellites were successfully fired into orbit.

Mr Beck says it's the launch of a new era.

"We're the only small launch vehicle provider in the world right now and it's a whole new normal for the space industry."

Rocket Lab aims to launch a rocket every week by 2020
Photo credit: Newshub.

Fleet Space Technologies, who had been waiting 12 months, said Rocket Lab was able to get them into space in a matter of weeks.

"The rise of space startups like Rocket Lab and our team at Fleet Space Technologies are democratising space.

"In a matter of weeks, we have designed, built and launched satellites into orbit, this is an incredible feat that would have been unimaginable a couple of years ago," said Flavia Tata Nardini, Co-founder and CEO.

Spire Global, Inc sent two satellites up to track ships, planes, and weather, saying they'd previously had few missions to choose from and it's a great sign for the continued growth of the entire industry.

"Frequent launches to Low Earth Orbit help us put new and improved satellites into production but typically, we've had few missions to choose from.

"The success of "It's Business time" is both a great sign for Spire, our satellite network, and for the continued growth of the entire industry," the company said in a statement.

Mr Beck  said the company is at the very beginning of what can be done in space.

"There's so many tremendous new things that you can put into orbit services that have a huge effect down on Earth."

A rocket is being launched for none other than NASA in a few weeks.

There's no slowing Rocket Lab down, with Mr Beck aiming at launching a rocket a month by the end of the year, and even one a week by 2020.