Second round of heavy rain battering New Zealand this week

  • 26/11/2018
Second round of heavy rain battering New Zealand this week
Photo credit: Reuters

Severe weather is again expected to batter the country with heavy rain forecast for the start of the week. 

A severe weather warning is in place for Marlborough, Wairarapa, Nelson and parts of Wellington, which could cause surface flooding and test river levels. 

MetService expects between 70 millimetres to 100mm of rain could fall in Wellington's eastern hills. 

While between 80mm and 120mm could accumulate in Wairarapa. 

Canterbury and the lower South Island will also get a drenching with rain forecast throughout the week.

North Canterbury is expected to see the most rain in the South Island in the coming days and some more records could be set, NIWA meteorologist Ben Noll says. 

Mr Noll told Newshub multiple towns including Oamaru and Middlemarch have had their 'rainiest November' after rain caused chaos across the southern South Island closing roads and putting local council's on high alert heavily monitoring river levels.

Dunedin has had its wettest November to date since records began in 1918 with 149 mm of rain falling so far this month.

"In short it has been a very wet month in parts of the South Island."

State Highway One south of Kaikoura will close overnight Monday incase heavy rain triggers slips.