Silence, then loud noise planned for Armistice Day commemorations

Poppies on Anzac Day.
Poppies on Anzac Day. Photo credit: Getty

Centenary Armistice Day commemorations across the country this morning will be slightly noisier than usual.

After two minutes of silence at 11am, a roaring chorus will erupt to replicate celebrations when WWI finished in 1918.

First World War Centenary Programme director Sarah Davies told Newshub she wants people to make as much noise as possible.

"We know that fire appliances will go on their forecourts and they will turn on their sirens, in our harbours boats will toot their horns, churches will ring their bells and the idea is just to create a cacophony of sound," she said.

Two Warbird aircraft will fly over Auckland to commence its Armistice Day commemorations.

More than 30,000 people are expected to watch the Army, Air Force and Navy honour those that served before them.

Fields of Remembrance Trust vice president and Vietnam War veteran Graham Gibson told Newshub more than 18,000 crosses have been installed in the Auckland Domain.

"It was very emotional, not only for us veterans but also for the serving men and women, just the sheer size the numbers, the names," he said.

"A very emotional four days to install these crosses."

RSA Vice President Bob Hill told Newshub there is a growing attendance at war commemorations among young people.

"We have a younger generation who are growing up and they want to find out just what took place all those years ago and they're very inquisitive," he said.

He said WWI was meant to be the war to end all wars.

"That is not the case, but I think if we can take something from this it's tolerance... there is a place for all of us in this world."