Truck drivers planning second protest over fuel prices

A petrol pump.
Photo credit: File

Auckland truckies are planning a second strike over fuel taxes later in November.

The transport sector is dealing with increased costs, and some companies are struggling to pass them on.

National Road Carriers Association chief executive Chris Aitken says the economics of the industry are fragile.

"Margins are low and it's really hard to get your costs up when everyone's trying to get your costs down," he said.

Thousands of Kiwis boycotted buying petrol on October 26 to "take a stand" against record high fuel prices.

But it didn't make much difference though; according to AA as of October 31 the nationwide fuel price for 91 octane petrol was $2.38 per litre.

Mr Aitken said he hopes his next strike will be taken seriously and if there isn't change there could be more on the cards.

"[Drivers] want to get this message across so I think if they're not getting the results they're wanting they'll continue to do so," he said.

The strike is planned for Thursday, October 15.