Video shows dramatic landscape changes following Kāikoura earthquake

  • 14/11/2018

A new video shows some of the dramatic landscape changes in Kāikoura on the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake. 

GNS Science released the footage, which shows some of the drastic changes along the Papatea Fault that ruptured during the quake.

The video shows a fence line that was dead-straight before the quake being jolted metres away. 

GNS scientist Rob Langridge explained that 5 million cubic metres of material fell down a limestone hill face along the fault line. 

A road that was previously flat was lifted by 10 metres - a world record vertical displacement, Mr Langridge says.

Wednesday marks two years since the 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked New Zealand.

Two people were killed in the quake, and homes and roads were torn apart. 

State Highway 1, the main trunk line between Christchurch and Picton, was completely destroyed following the tremors. After extensive repairs, it reopened in December last year.