Watch: Footage highlights hazards of navigating Wellington cycle lane

The danger of a Wellington cycle way has been highlighted with footage on Twitter showing the hazards cyclists are regularly confronted with.

On Monday, Twitter user Island Bay Healthy Streets posted a video showcasing what he told Newshub was a regular scene on the Bunny St cycling route.

The video shows a cyclist riding in the designated painted cycling lane being cut off by a taxi, as well as a line of traffic blocking the lane, forcing the cyclist onto the road.

Other footage uploaded on the Twitter feed show similar scenes of cars and buses ignoring cyclists.

Wellington's railway station is accessible from Bunny St, making it a busy spot for taxis, ride-sharing services and commuters.

Island Bay Healthy Streets said the painted lanes are poor quality and prone to motor vehicles crossing them to get to parking. He believes that separated cycle ways would be better and offer the cyclist more protection.

Other users commented that Bunny St was a dangerous mess and a "nightmare"

Talk Wellington said the entire area was a "cluster" and was "sensible transport hierarchy flipped upside down".


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