Watch: Rocket Lab launches its commercial Electron rocket after months of delays

Rocket Lab's second rocket has lift-off after months of unsuccessful attempts.

The mission was dubbed 'It's Business Time', with the Electron rocket taking off at 4:50pm from Mahia Peninsula on Sunday.

It is the first of company's commercial rockets to take off, and the launch came after its motor controller was plagued with issues, postponing its previous launch window of July.

The launch began slowly, but the rocket became lighter and faster as it ascended.

Today was the first day of the current nine-day launch window, and was commanded from the Mission Control Centre in Rocket Lab's new Mt Wellington factory.

The rocket is home to six satellites, which will help send data back to earth about deforestation, weather predictions and crops.

Rocket Lab's Auckland facility was opened in October by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Star Trek actor William Shatner.

The company's first Electron rocket, called 'Still Testing', was launched in January.


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