Whangārei woman warns people to drive with doors locked

A hand on a car steering wheel (generic).
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A Whangārei woman is warning people to drive with their doors locked after a man tried to get in her car while she was driving.

Krystal Marsh, 25, told NZME she was driving home from work when the man tried to get in her car while she was stopped at a red light on Hatea Dr headed towards Nixon St.

"Not only did they try the front door they also tried the back door too," she told NZME.

Ms Marsh quickly drove home and told her partner about the incident, before deciding to call the police. Officers searched the area where Ms Marsh had seen the man but could not find him.

She's now warning others to keep their doors locked while driving at night, something the local police agree with.

Acting area prevention manager for Whangārei and Kaipara, Sergeant James Calvert, told NZME some cars do automatically lock while being driven, but manually locking doors is a good idea too.

He also advised people keep a phone nearby to call the police if necessary and make lots of noise if something happens.

"If you are in a position to make some noise and attract the attention of someone they could call for help. In my experience people who are committing crimes don't like attention being drawn to them."