'You absolute idiot': Auckland driver's overtake near-miss with truck caught on dashcam

A deadly and dangerous overtake has been captured on dashcam, showing just how close a driver came to losing their life on New Zealand's roads.

Video of the horrific incident was posted to Facebook by Mike Cains, who was a passenger on Monday when he saw the idiotic manoeuvre.

As he was travelling near the Lower Nihotupu Dam in west Auckland, a car suddenly came shooting from behind. It overtook him just before a blind corner - and into the path of an oncoming truck.

The truck driver flashed his lights as the car swerved back into its lane, avoiding a horrific head-on collision by mere seconds.

"You absolute idiot. This is going to the cops, but you deserve to be named and shamed in your community also," he wrote.

"This is right after overtaking the car behind us. We were travelling at approx 70km/h (the speed limit). No excuses for this, you are putting lives at risk."

Police say they will be following up on the incident with the owner of the vehicle.


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