Arrests begin following Christchurch boy-racer event

Arrests have begun following a boy-racer event in Christchurch that caused havoc over the weekend.

Dubbed by its participants 'the Aves Invasion', thousands of cars trawled the streets and played games with police, making hoax calls, doing burnouts and engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Police said they were "very disappointed with [the boy-racers'] actions, and the fact that they are showing total disregard to the safety and peace of our communities".

However, one racer told Newshub on Saturday night that "no one's here to annoy the police. The purpose is to end off the year with a good night; honing around, massive plume of smoke blows in his face; blowing clouds, drinking piss and all-around having a good night."

However, the definition of "a good night" is subjective - police issued a massive 177 tickets on Saturday night and on Sunday, the first arrest was made.

Supt Lane Todd said  the man is being charged with sustained loss of traction, failing to stop for police, dangerous driving and escaping custody.

"[The event] is a public nuisance, a nuisance to other motorists, nuisance to residents…they appreciate our presence and we're not going away."

The man has also had his car impounded.

The arrest also came with a warning from Supt Todd to anyone who may be thinking of repeating the event.

"We would like to remind these drivers that if they break the law, they may face fines or even their car being impounded."



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