Black Power, Mongrel Mob in talks to form anti-Australia gang coalition

Two of New Zealand's largest and most notorious gangs are apparently in talks to form a giant anti-Australia gang coalition.

Aided by Australia's policy of deporting Kiwi-born Aussies, the overseas gangs are gaining a foothold here. The Australian Rebels and Banditos gangs have been making big money from the drug trade in New Zealand for years.

Now the Comancheros are setting up shop. Experts warn that this gang is considered the most dangerous in Australia.

Mongrel Mob Waikato president Sonny Fatu warns that rising competition could lead to increasing levels of violence - including public killings as the Aussies attempt to take over.

"New Zealand will witness organised crime and gang violence on a level they have never seen before," he told Stuff.

"Worst case scenario - a lot of trouble. A lot."

Mr Fatu says there have already been attempts by Australian gangs to set up on his patch. These, he says, have not been successful - so far. But he knows more will come and wants to form an alliance with Black Power to combat the threat.

"If we continue to put each other in prisons - us and the Blacks, putting each other in the urupa, graveyards - land will be freed up and this is what [foreign gangs] need to establish. So that's a turn of the tide," he told Stuff.

Black Power and the Mongrel Mob are old enemies with a long history of targeting each other. In one recent case, senior patched Black Power members were charged over the death of Mongrel Mob member Kevin Ratana in Whanganui in August.

While Black Power hasn't yet agreed to a partnership, they are in talks to put aside their enmity and end the violence.

"I no longer see the Mongrel Mob as my enemy. I see you fullas as my brothers," Black Power Tokoroa president Sarge McKinnon told Stuff.

"Everyone is coming against us. Everyone that is not Black Power or Mongrel Mob, we have to consider to be against us."