Blue and gold macaw flies away from Auckland Zoo

Blue and gold macaw flies away from Auckland Zoo
Photo credit: Facebook/Auckland Zoo.

Auckland Zoo has appealed to the public to look out for a young macaw that escaped the grounds during a flying lesson.

They posted on their Facebook page this afternoon calling for people to report any sightings of the bright blue and gold bird.

"Her flying lessons, which involve flying small distances from hand to hand with keepers, have been going extremely well," a spokesperson for the zoo said.

"However, this morning towards the end of her lesson, she was spooked by sudden rain and flew off in the direction of MOTAT."

The blue and gold macaw is one of the world's largest parrots, at around 85cm tall.

Auckland Zoo said the missing bird is almost fully grown and has a silver metal band on her leg.

They said she is capable of flying quite a long distance, but her sense of direction is not strong.

"[She] will be disorientated and not be able to find her way back to the Zoo."

If you spot her, Auckland Zoo said the best thing to do is call 027 209 8560, and let the zookeeper know your location.

"Please do not try to capture her and, if possible, keep sight of her while on the phone with us, while we make our way to you."