Christchurch hoteliers fear for safety after boy racer 'Aves Invasion'

Boy racers causing havoc on Christchurch's four avenues are at their absolute worst, leaving some hoteliers fearing for their safety. 

Around 2000 people are expected to attend a second organised boy racing event 'Aves Invasion' on Saturday night. 

This comes after boy racers tore up Christchurch's avenues late on Friday evening, playing cat-and-mouse with police, moving to a different spot when officers arrived to shut things down.

They then stepped up the ante, vowing to clog up the avenues by 9pm. 

Some hoteliers told Newshub the bedlam is the worst they have ever seen. They are sick and tired of the car enthusiasts cruising the avenues - and many opted to not appear on camera amid fears they may be targeted.

The boy racers use social media to gather at the same meeting point, waiting for a message on Snapchat to discover where they will congregate. 

Police say they will not tolerate boy racers' behaviour.

Canterbury Road Policing Inspector Ashley Tabb said police will continue to keep an eye out for illegal behaviour from motorists.

"Police understand that some young men and women love their cars - they represent freedom, status and good times," he said.

"But it can all go very wrong when their love affair with the car starts impinging on other people. Police have no tolerance for this type of behaviour, and people who use public places as race tracks.

"So think very carefully if you don't want to lose your licence or your vehicle. Nobody likes anti-social road-users."  

Insp Tabb encouraged the public to come forward and complain if they are affected by any illegal driving activity.


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