Christchurch police 'concerned' by boy racers flouting the law

A car performs a burn out.
Photo credit: Newshub.

Christchurch police are concerned by the illegal behaviour of boy racers after an event over the weekend led to hundreds of traffic violations.

The 'Aves Invasion' event saw car enthusiasts descend on the city, and on Saturday night police officers had to deal with a second night of chaos.

Extra officers were put on the streets to manage the situation and 177 traffic infringement notices were issued, with police warning there were more to come.

"It's very clear from the behaviour over the weekend of some of the boy racers that they have decided to flaunt the law, and their behaviour has very much concerned not only police but the wider community," said Superintendent Lane Todd.

"We will not tolerate any behaviour of this nature in the future."

Supt Todd said fake calls to police were frustrating and diverted officers from more important things.

"They were calls with false information, which effectively were diverting our police staff off operational serious incidents to go to these incidents.

"Clearly that's taking police resource away from where it's needed."

Police had previously had good relationships with the racers, but Supt Todd said a lot of that had been undone by the weekend's activities.

"Relationships that we have had with the recent behaviour with the boy racers have had quite a significant improvement over the last six months, so we are very concerned that this weekend has in fact gone backwards."


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