Cyclone Owen reforms, reintensifies, could target New Zealand

There is ominous news for Australia - the "rainmaker" has rewoken from its slumber.

Feeding on the humid air in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Weather Watch warns Cyclone Owen has reformed and is reintensifying - and now may grow into a severe Category 3 storm.

It's now set to strike across the Tasman with pouring rain and powerful winds - before finishing off with an assault on New Zealand.

"This set up may see heavy rain and strong winds hug the north eastern coastline of Aussie for a number of days ahead bringing with it the risk of flooding," Weather Watch says.

"As for New Zealand, the remnants of Owen do look as though they may our shores in about 10 days time but at this stage it may have completely fallen apart by then. As we said a few weeks ago Owen is worth monitoring."

New Zealand is currently covered by a "huge high pressure donut" stretching up into the subtropics and as far west as Australia.

"In the middle of this big bubble of high pressure lies a weak low - the hole in the donut," Weather Watch says.

"The low will help bring in some moisture - coupled with afternoon heating it's why New Zealand has several days ahead with inland downpours and isolated thunderstorms."


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