'Everything descended into chaos': Lizzie Marvelly, Sean Plunket, Richie Hardcore in Hamilton media club incident

'Everything descended into chaos': Lizzie Marvelly, Sean Plunket, Richie Hardcore in Hamilton media club incident
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A spat at a Hamilton media event on Friday has led to an outburst on Twitter by media personalities Lizzie Marvelly and Sean Plunket.

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman had finished speaking at the Hamilton Press Club, a forum for media figures to discuss topical issues, when broadcaster Sean Plunket was given the floor to ask a question.

An attendee Newshub has spoken to, but agreed not to name, said Plunket's question had been "meandering, going nowhere" and more along the lines of a statement.

They said there had been an interjection about whether he was going to ask a question which led Plunket to apparently reply, "F**k you."

Plunket soon tweeted that he had been "deplatformed at the Hamilton Press Club. Expect a Twitter storm from the woke left."

A tweet at the same time from Marvelly said: "When Sean Plunket screams 'f**k you" at one of my friends in front of a room full of our colleagues, that's where I draw the line. Disgusting."

More tweets from Plunket soon came out, including, "The woke echo chamber of the Hamilton Press club has clearly decided that open debate is only acceptable within camera parameters"; "Didn't interrupt anyone, got shouted down by Lizzy Marvelly and the harpies"; and, "I just tried to talk".

Following Plunket's comment, the individual Newshub spoke to said "everything descended into chaos", with martial arts champion-turned activist Richie Hardcore and other people leaping to their feet and screaming at Plunket.

Hardcore, who has been embroiled in the Karl Sroubek political scandal, was "calmed down by one of the journos sitting next to him… it all seemed kind of surreal."

Hardcore didn't want to comment when approached by Newshub.

Steve Braunias, who runs the event, is then said to have settled everyone down "reprimanding Plunket but at the same time not shutting off the conversation".

Newshub's source said Plunket would go onto ask a good question but "it definitely didn't make up for his outburst earlier".

Plunket told Newshub that didn't believe the ordeal was anything major, but admitted he "probably shouldn't have sworn".

He said he had enjoyed Ms Ghahraman's talk and respected everyone's opportunity to express the views.

After the event Plunket tweeted that he thought Braunias had done a brilliant job.

Newshub has attempted to contact Marvelly.