Exclusive footage: Dramatic Hamilton police pursuit after car's tyre spiked, wheels break apart

A Hamilton man led police on a lengthy and dramatic low speed chase through the city after driving off from a checkpoint on Friday night.

Police officers spiked the 22-year-old driver's tyres, but that didn't immediately stop the driver who kept going until his wheels broke into pieces.

Skidding out of control, the car's steel rims can be seen in the attached footage grating across the road, throwing up sparks as it drove the wrong way.

The pursuit went on for 25 minutes just before midnight.

"Road spikes were deployed, the offender chose to keep driving, and that what happens. Their rims just shatter and the vehicle comes to a slow stop where it can no longer be driven," said Insp Jeff Penno.

"We had a median strip in the middle of the road so we knew the public were safe, we had the roads closed as best we could."

The driver eventually spun out at Cobham Drive, before doubling back and weaving through several police cars.

But he couldn't run forever, and the pursuit ended after the wheels were completely destroyed.

The man was charged with failing to stop, reckless driving and driving with disqualified.

There had been a passenger in the car with him, who jumped out during the pursuit and was picked up by an officer.

"If a police officer signals you to stop, please stop because it will end like this. We will stop you and you're just going to face a whole raft of other charges, nothing is worth risking your life and that of the other members of the public for," said Insp Penno.