Grace Millane: What we know so far about the missing UK tourist

The frantic search for missing UK tourist Grace Millane continues, with her father David touching down at Auckland airport on Friday morning.

The whereabouts of Ms Millane has gripped both New Zealand and the UK.

A Facebook post from her brother Michael pleading for news received hundreds of comments on Wednesday from Kiwis sending their thoughts and saying they would share the information, from Queenstown to Hastings to the north.

"I am here in New Zealand and am praying they find [Grace]," said one lady who also offered Grace's father accommodation while he was in New Zealand.

Ms Millane left England at the end of October for what her brother described as a year-long overseas trip, starting in South America. Tweets from early November show her hanging out with dogs and alpacas.

A passionate artist from Essex in England, Ms Millane was last seen in Auckland Central on Saturday. CCTV footage released by the police showed her at SkyCity that evening.

Grace Millane: What we know so far about the missing UK tourist
Photo credit: Police

She had been staying at a Base Backpackers, which acknowledged in a statement on Friday it was cooperating with police.

"We are doing everything we can to help with the police investigation and will continue to do so for as long as necessary and we hope with the support of the Auckland community, Ms Millane will be found in the very near future."

The family of the University of Lincoln advertising and marketing graduate became worried after she didn't reply to messages on Saturday for her birthday, and hadn't contacted them Thursday November 29.

"It's really unusual for Gracie, as a family we've spoke every day to each other just via Whatsapp, just about the usual conversation," her brother told Newshub.

On Saturday evening, she tweeted "I think travelling has changed me, I just brought some blue jeans", her first tweet in New Zealand since she arrived.

"Of course it's raining," she said after she touched down in Aotearoa.

A post on Lucie Blackman Trust's Facebook page, which says it supports "British victims overseas", said her behaviour was "very out of character".

Private investigator Ron McQuilter told Newshub some people travel overseas and just want to "get away from their family".

"Foul play obviously [could cause a disappearance like this], but here's hoping that this lady has just taken off with some people and having a good time and didn't realise that there's this big search looking for her," he said.

Comments on her Instagram page, where she advertises water colour art she is selling, plead for information, with many users "praying for [her] safety". Her last piece of art promoted on the page was an ominous skull.

In 2015, she had an art piece displayed at a London Mall Art Gallery exhibition.

On a website where she shares a portfolio of her work, Ms Millane, a former University Hockey team Vice Captain, describes herself as a "highly motivated, hardworking and conscientious individual". She attended Camp America at Spruce Lake, Pennsylvania as a lifeguard in 2016.

On Friday, Det Insp Scott Beard told media that 25 personnel were on the case, scouring central CCTV footage for any sighting of the woman.

"We're still hopeful that we'll find Grace - but the longer it goes on, the more worrying it is," he said.

Ms Millane was last seen wearing a black dress and white Converse-style shoes, and Det Insp Beard appealed to the public about sightings of someone matching her description.

She had been in New Zealand for two weeks, and recently travelled to the Bay of Islands.