'Heartbreaking': Kiwis vent rage at revamped Cadbury Roses

As Kiwis tuck into their Christmas stocking treats, they are once again discovering an unpleasant surprise - the old Cadbury Roses are gone.

The classic box of chocolate treats underwent a makeover in September, promising a "variety of new and reinvented flavours" as well as a "modernised look and packaging".

The strawberry crème flavour was dropped, the wrappers were changed, and two new flavours were added - white chocolate raspberry and a vanilla nougat option. The recipe was changed for hazelnut crème crisp, Turkish delight, hazelnut swirl, caramel deluxe, classic caramel, dark mocha nougat and classic milk.

Most controversially, the classic after-dinner treat, peppermint crème, evolved into the new peppermint crème crunch.

The changes drew fury at the time, with some calling the revamped chocolates "horrible" and "an absolute atrocity".

But the anger has been reignited as New Zealanders come face to face again with that familiar blue box. The new peppermint flavour has particularly enraged former fans.

"I just took a bite of one and was left gutted," a Newshub staffer said.

"I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I felt a crunch instead of the smooth mint."

In a post to Reddit on Boxing Day, an upset Kiwi named moffattron9000 shared their experience, agreeing with the numerous complaints.

"I have since received a box, and have realised that if anything, they are underreacting," they posted.

"No Strawberry, no Peppermint, and Turkish Delight is now runnier than V. Meanwhile, all of the new flavours are either tiny nougat bars, or have those stupid crunchy bits."

Their post has since received 413 upvotes and 149 comments.

At the time, Cadbury said the changes came after it had "collected the thoughts of Kiwis and listened to their feedback".

"The success of Cadbury Roses is testament to this much loved product's ability to continually evolve, offering flavours like Mandarin Cream in the 50s, Peppermint Cordial in the 70s and Lemon Cheesecake in the early 2000s," said Melanie Yates, senior marketing manager at Mondelēz International.

"Each of the delectable Cadbury Roses fillings has been paired with the Cadbury chocolate that complements and enhances the flavours inside."

But the feedback online is resolutely against the new box of Roses.

"Sounds like Cadbury's determined march to mediocrity has claimed another victim," one person commented.

"Heartbreaking," another simply said.