Interview with the psychic: Top predictions for 2019

From political scandal to royal fever to the daily dramas of the Trump administration, 2018 was one hell of a year.

If renowned psychic Kerry-Marie Callander is right, 2019 could be even wilder.

She told Newshub what she's predicting for the year ahead.

What's in store for Jacinda Ardern?

I think she's going to be a little bit torn as far as her family's concerned and her responsibilities as Prime Minister. I think she's going to be a bit torn there. She's very clever and I feel that she'll pin it all together okay.

How about Simon Bridges?

I get a sense that he's going to try and make a comeback, but I feel he gets a bit stuck. What I pick up for the National Party is I feel there could be a lady coming in.

Simon Bridges feels he's caused a bit of division, and there's a sense they just need someone strong to come in and lead and pull it together. I think this could happen.

Where will 2019 take US President Donald Trump?

I saw him getting quite tied up, almost imprisoned, and it's going to be something he did to himself which has actually happened.

I don't think things look too good for him actually. He's feeling a bit scared and not in a very good place.

I don't know if he's going to be impeached, I've got a feeling he'll make sure he gets out of that one.

What's in store for the weather and the environment?

Last year I felt there was going to be storms from the sky, and that happened. There were a lot more thunderstorms and things like that that did actually happen in 2018.

I look at this year and I'm getting more waves and something to do with the sea. The wind and the waves. I'm getting more that point of view.

I think what I'm getting is closer to the Pacific than it has been in the past. It makes it a bit more real.

What's your prediction for the Rugby World Cup?

The All Blacks have got a lot of hard work in front of them, they really have. It's going to come down to them.

I really feel whoever gets this really deserves it. There's potential for them to do well, but will they? They'll try to, but I definitely think Ireland will give them a run for their money.

How about the America's Cup?

I saw us winning four races, and I asked them how many races are there, and they said seven.

So I've got four major races, us winning four of those.

Will Harry and Meghan have a boy or a girl?

I don't want to get into guessing that one, but I'm feeling a daughter.

Probably one of each, but I think at some point there's a daughter coming for them. A little princess.

What's your feeling about 2019 in general?

I feel excited about next year, the reason being it's going into three year and three year is all about fun. It's about self-expression, it's about creativity.

If you want to fulfil something, next year's the time to do it. Get on with it.