Kiwis auction unwanted Cadbury Roses on TradeMe amid nationwide outrage

It's been one of the big stories since December 25: New Zealanders are enraged at the changes to the perennial Christmas gift of Cadbury Roses.

The classic box of chocolate treats underwent a makeover in September, promising a "variety of new and reinvented flavours" as well as a "modernised look and packaging".

However the extensive alterations failed to catch on with Kiwis, who have been left so upset that they've now resorted to auctioning their boxes off on reselling website TradeMe.

One forlorn user took to the site to sell their 225g box, telling would-be sellers they were an "unwanted Christmas gift".

"Received some from work and was really disappointed with the changes that have been made. Was talking about it this morning and look what I get," lamented @wapman.

One of the auctions selling the updated version of Cadbury Roses.
One of the auctions selling the updated version of Cadbury Roses. Photo credit: @wapman / TradeMe

"I find them gross… but there may be people out there that really like the changes."

It looks like some people really do, with 118 people having added it to their watchlist and the highest bid now at an impressive $21.

Another user from Onehunga, @nascarsonali, sold their 225g box of Roses for $3, with a near-$5 shipping fee, while @watermeloncrazy's box - which expired in October - has a current top bid of $2.

A 225g box of Cadbury Roses can be bought brand new at The Warehouse for $5.


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