Lime launches scooter safety event in Auckland

In a bid to help keep scooter riders and pedestrians safe, urban mobility company Lime launched its first Rider Safety event in Auckland on Saturday.

It's part of the Respect the Ride campaign to educate riders on how to scoot responsibly as the number of injuries on Lime scooters rises.

Hank Rowe, who works for Lime, says it's a chance to raise awareness.

"It's an opportunity for us to address the public concerns around safety," he says.

Since the scooters landed in New Zealand two months ago, the Accident Compensation Corporation has had more than 170 injury claims.

A Hamilton A&E surgeon said hospitals have seen victims with fractured collarbones, fractured patellas, broken elbows and wrists.

"If you're zooming along a footpath at 25km/h and a car backs out of a driveway you'll hurt yourself - but if run into a pedestrian, a child, you might injure someone else," Dr John Bonning says.

Mr Rowe says since Kiwis have ridden on a Lime Scooter more than 500,000 times now so it's all the more reason to give riders some tips. Some of them are pretty obvious.

"Be respectful of other people and road users on the footpath," he says.

"When you are going down hills the brake is more important than the accelerator and just to be very aware of your surroundings when you're riding."

Those who turned up to the free event say it improved their confidence and others should give it a go.

"Just able to have a practice and have a go in a safe space is helpful rather than being on the footpath, just even to build your confidence," one person told Newshub.

The next learn-how-to-ride safety session will be held in January.