Lime scooter mishap leaves Christchurch man battered and broken

Mark Collins in his sling, with his injured knee following his accident
Mark Collins in his sling, with his injured knee following his accident Photo credit: Supplied

A Christchurch man has been left with a broken shoulder following a Lime scooter mishap.

Mark Collins was scooting back from his local supermarket on Thursday, laden with groceries when he took a hand off the handlebars to re-adjust his backpack.

His split second decision ended in disaster as he hit a bump in a driveway, and "the scooter went right and I went left". 

Mr Collins went hurtling into the grass, suffering a grazed knee and what he would later discover was a broken shoulder.

"It was that old-school pavement you know? With all the stones in it. I came off and must have grazed myself 'cause I could feel all the blood trickling down my leg".

Luckily, Mr Collins' groceries all remained intact "yeah nah, they were all fine. I was worried I'd split open the meat pack and all the juices were everywhere but it was all good".

He says that he "used to use Uber, but Lime is way cheaper and a lot more fun."

Despite their economic advantage and their fun factor, Lime scooters can be dangerous. 

Within the first two weeks of their launch in New Zealand in October, ACC received 38 claims of injury.

Dr Andrea Shepperson, clinical director at dental company Lumino, says that the scooters are "fraught with potential for injury".

She encourages people to "hit the pavement with the scooters, but not with their front teeth".

Despite the broken bone and battered leg, Mr Collins says he will continue to use Lime but has learnt a valuable lesson 

"Just slow down, or stop if you're going to do that [take your hands off the handlebars]".