Mongrel Mob eating competition ends in allegations of cheating

A Mongrel Mob eating competition has been marred by allegations of lying and cheating.

Footage of the contest was picked up by New Zealand Reddit, in a post titled 'Eating competition between Black Power and Mongrel Mob members ends badly'.

It was originally posted to the Facebook group Heils Kitchen, which calls itself "the mightiest cooking show in the nation".

"Stay away from the takeaways and cook fresh at home!" the group says. "Help keep our whanau away from diabetes and obesity!"

The video somewhat contradicts this advice, as it shows two men sitting down for a battle of the bulge - a gut-busting attempt to chow down 13 packets of instant noodles each.

Tensions ran hotter than Sriracha after one man, allegedly Kai Now member Robb Nai, voiced his suspicions that the Mongrel Mob gangster might not be playing fair.

"I wanna see your bowl bro, that doesn't look like 13 packs in there," he said.

"I know those bowls too! Those are small bowls!"

After his fears were allayed, the two began guzzling the noodles down at a ferocious pace.

Soon there was another moment of tension, as the Mongrel Mob kept having problems filming their contender's bowl and kept cutting away.

The Mongrel Mob attempted to explain away these accidents with excuses such as "the reception" and "the phone fell over".

But their opponent was not to be fooled. Each time the camera moved back, the level of noodles had significantly fallen - almost as if they had been tipped out.

"Oi! Your bowl looks lower. You cheated!" he exclaimed. "You dropped the camera three times G."

But the notorious noodle-eater wasn't going to let these assaults on his honour go unchallenged.

"Why would I lie? I'm Mongrel Mob," he said.

"It's confusing you, you've just eaten too many noodles."

There are reports a rematch may be underway.