New Zealanders react in shame, anger to Grace Millane's suspected murder

"C'mon NZ - no one deserves to come to our country and be murdered!"

This is the angry reaction as Kiwis voice their shame and disgust after police earlier alleged the murder of Grace Millane in New Zealand.

The UK backpacker came to New Zealand on an overseas experience, her first solo holiday. But it was a journey she would never return from.

On Saturday night, police confirmed her disappearance was now being treated as a homicide and a 26-year-old man would be charged with her murder. Her body remains missing.

Grace Millane's necklace is also missing.
Grace Millane's necklace is also missing. Photo credit: NZ Police / Supplied

The latest grim development sent a shockwave through New Zealand as people struggled to understand how her OE downunder could come to such brutal end.

"I am disgusted this happened in New Zealand. Not feeling like a proud Kiwi," one person commented on Facebook.

"I am today ashamed to be a Kiwi, this has bought shame on our country internationally. Every country has its problems but taking advantage of a young girl so far from home is so low," another wrote.

Ms Millane had previously spent six-weeks visiting South America before arriving here on Tuesday, November 20. To think that she made it so far only to die here has enraged the public.

"She made it safely through South America but murdered when she reaches New Zealand??!! How absolutely disgraceful for us all to have that shame. Difficult to take pride in our country," one person said.

Others finished with thoughts for her family, who had previously issued pleas for her safe return.

"Sincere condolences and apologies on behalf of NZ to the family," read one message.

"Her poor family. Rest In Peace."

Social media presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin spoke to Duncan Garner.