Outrage at undesexed kittens for sale at Auckland pet store

Social media users are venting their outrage at a pet store selling kittens that have not been desexed.

The Bird Barn Petstore in Henderson is currently offering two eight-week-old ginger kittens - a male and female - for sale without having been desexed.

According to a Facebook post both cats have been vet checked, treated for worms and fleas and received one vaccination.

A call to the store confirmed the kittens had not been desexed. A store employee said the procedure was complicated as vets go off the weight of cats before performing the surgery.

Facebook users have been posting outraged reviews on the store's page after word of the un-desexed cats spread.

"Not de-sexing animals before they are sold is a disgusting money grab," one user wrote.

"Very irresponsible to sell kittens that haven't been desexed, as if there aren't enough unwanted kittens and cats on the streets and in rescues bursting at the seams already," another said.

Desexing, also known as spaying or neutering, sterilises animals and prevents them from breeding. Both male and females require an operation under anaesthetic, although it is more invasive for females.

The SPCA recommends all companion animals are desexed before they reach puberty to help control the population and prevent strays.

The SPCA website says it is routine procedure for shelters to desex kittens as young as eight weeks or over one kilogram of body weight.

"Desexing your companion animals will not only save lives in the long-run, but it can also improve their health and welfare, and might even help them to live longer," the website says.

A spokesperson told Newshub pets being sold un-desexed was a huge hindrance for the organisation.

"An un-desexed kitten sold in a pet shop today could have up to three litters by the end of breeding season.

"Kittens can breed at 16-20 weeks so you can see how, in a few weeks, the problem can escalate."

Traditionally, cats have been desexed once they reach six months of age, but the SPCA website says that advice is outdated.

Newshub contacted Bird Barn Petstore with further questions about animal desexing, and where the kittens have come from, that have not yet been answered.