Cat was not thrown from car window on SH2 - police

Police do not believe a cat was thrown from a Mercedes on State Highway 2 near Dannevirke following their investigation into the incident.

Palmerston North woman Taylah McEwen claims she saw a cat being thrown from the vehicle in a post that's gone viral on Facebook.

However a joint statement from police and SPCA says police have spoken to those involved.

"Police do not believe the cat was thrown out a car window, although it may have appeared this way to some witnesses," the statement reads.

"Police and SPCA believe the cat was most likely hit by a car. The SPCA Inspector will continue to try to locate the cat."

Should additional information come to light, it will be assessed.

"You rude people, you never deserve to have animals in your life if your just going to chuck your cat out of a moving vehicle on state highway 2 just before Danniverke," Ms McEwen wrote alongside a picture of the car.

"You f**khead were doing over 100kms and you just throw a living animal out and dont even care that there is cars and trucks behind you."

Ms McEwen says the cat was "jumping all over the road with probably a broken back or neck" after the car sped off.

"Hope f**ken karma gets you."

facebook cat thrown from car
The Facebook post has gone viral. Photo credit: Taylah McEwen/Newshub.

Ms McEwan says she has contacted police and the SPCA.

Police previously confirmed to Newshub they had received a report and were investigating.

An SPCA spokesperson said they had also received a report and were looking into it.

The post has received more than 5000 shares and 5200 angry face emojis.

It's still not known if the cat survived.