Shocking footage shows bull dislocate leg during rodeo

Shocking footage has emerged showing a bull dislocating its leg during an event at a Gisborne rodeo.

The video shows the bull leaping out of the gate and throwing its rider, but soon falling to the ground itself.

When it stands up its back leg has snapped and is hanging loose. The bull then ran around for a few seconds with its leg flapping loosely behind it.

Eventually rodeo staff shepherd it off camera. The bull was later put down due to its injuries.

Direct Animal Action spokesperson Apollo Taito said in a statement it was time for an end to needless deaths at rodeos.

"While we're pleased that the Labour-led Government asked the National Animal Welfare Committee (NAWAC) to take a closer look at the worst aspects of rodeo this year it's not enough.

"We've had enough of seeing animals dying for entertainment at rodeos. This situation need urgent action now."

NZ Rodeo Cowboys Association President Lyal Cocks confirmed to Newshub the bull had been put down due to a "regrettable accident".

"We love animals, but sometimes these accidents do happen."

Mr Cocks said he is waiting to receive a report on the incident, which will give him an idea if the correct procedure was followed.