'This year has been torment': Parents of baby killed by drunk driver speak out

After a horrific car crash, Lochie Welsh was thrust into the world 10 weeks early through an emergency caesarean section.

While he died from brain bleeding five days later, his parents, Jared Welsh and Ash Reid, are holding onto the memories they have of him.

"We tried for two years to have Lochie. So he was so wanted from the start, and Jared was so excited to have a wee rugby player," said a tearful Ms Reid.

"We lost him looking at us, and grabbing our hands."

Mr Welsh said the baby's death was the hardest moments of their lives.

"This year has been torment."

Mr Welsh, who was driving home in April with Ms Reid, at the time 30-weeks-pregnant, saw the headlights coming at them.

Behind the wheel of the oncoming car was 48-year-old Andrew Fleming, drunk and on the wrong side of the road.

"Prior to driving, swaying on your feet, and you needed help to go to the toilet, once there you fell over and urinated in your pants," said Judge Tony Zohrab, as he sentenced the Nelson man to more than three years in prison.

Mr Welsh broke his sternum after slamming into the steering wheel during the accident. He then struggled from the car and freed Ms Reid, who was rushed to hospital.

"You have taken everything from me, and I mean everything. The old Ashley died with Lochie, and I'll forever be grieving for him," said Ms Reid at the sentencing.

Thursday was Fleming's third conviction for drink-driving. When he was tested after the crash, he was found to be more than three times over the legal limit. Along with his jail sentence, he'll also be disqualified from driving for more than three years.

But for Mr Welsh and Ms Reid, their sentence is a life without this son.


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