Two killed in abandoned police pursuit crash in Christchurch named

The man and woman killed in a crash after a police chase was abandoned in Christchurch have been named. 

Dennis William Tunnicliffe, 25, was driving the car that crashed into a power pole, killing himself and 35-year-old Renee Susan Percy. 

One other person survived the crash, which took place at 2:30am on Wednesday, and was heard screaming for someone to save his pregnant partner, a witness told Newshub. 

Witness Matt Ngatai told Newshub his partner heard a bang and woke him up. 

"First thing we heard, a man yelling his partner was in the car and she was pregnant, could he get her out," Mr Ngatai says.

Police are yet to confirm if Ms Percy was pregnant.

They say they tried to stop the vehicle on Breezes Rd in Bromley but the driver failed to stop. Police then followed the vehicle for under a minute before the chase was abandoned due to dangerous driving.

It was found a short time later crashed at the corner of Cuthberts Rd and Breezes Rd. Three people were in the vehicle, and the deceased died at the scene. Speed was a factor in the crash. 

Canterbury Metro Commander, Superintendent Lane Todd earlier told media the crash was a "tragic outcome no one wanted".

He said the crash reiterates the fact that people must stop if they are signalled to by police.

"The crash is a tragic outcome that nobody wants. Police encourage any driver that is signalled to stop, to in fact stop - it's not worth putting your life [or] your passengers' life at risk. 

"No police officer comes to work to be involved in an incident where potentially innocent people are killed."

Police are aware of how fast the vehicle was travelling in the 50km/h zone but are yet to confirm it.

The Serious Crash Unit's investigation is ongoing.