Victoria University rejects Canadian student after she reveals her mental illness

Victoria University rejects Canadian student after she reveals her mental illness
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Victoria University has revoked an unconditional offer of study after the student in question revealed she was bi-polar and had anxiety.

Kristin Legault, a third year psychology student from Canada was offered a place at Victoria to study for one trimester in February.

She told RNZ that "I was offered a place, an unconditional offer by Victoria University.  I paid for my [halls of] residence, was accepted into the halls of residence but one of the challenges was trying to coordinate care for when I get there." 

Ms Legault had emailed Victoria University after her acceptance, asking if there was an on-campus psychiatrist to prescribe her medication.

"That got their backs up and they immediately requested personal health information".

She told RNZ the university had not asked for any personal health information during the application process, and that she felt uncomfortable with the amount of information requested after she had disclosed her illness.

"I made contacts and support systems outside of campus so it doesn't really involve them".

However University Provost Professor Wendy Larner told RNZ that she disagreed, and that the university had a duty of care to its students.

Prof. Larner said that the university had not revoked her offer of study, but had told her home university in Ontario that Victoria could not provide the support she needed and was recommending she didn't come.

 "If we were to have more information and if we could be confident that we could look after her well-being...yes we would be happy to reconsider the discussion."

 Ms Legault  said she wished she could have just arrived on campus and never told them what the diagnosis was.

"I really wish I didn't tell them," she said.   

Newshub asked Victoria University for comment but they could not be reached at this time.