Watch: Ben Hurley's top tips for your perfect Kiwi summer holiday

Okay, so you've decided to go on holiday based on long term forecasts. Good call, predicting the weather is an exact science and is never ever wrong.

The next thing is getting there and holiday traffic can be a real bummer.

Here's a tip, avoid travel between 10am and 3pm as NZTA says these are the worst times.

The worst days are December 23rd and Jan 4th.

Ironically, your best travel day is the 25th December, Christmas Day, and it's easier to get accommodation then too.

If Mary and Joseph had thought of this, they probably would have made the hospital and not had to give birth to Jesus in in a barn.

Despite the planning, you're going get stuck in traffic anyway.

As for the Kids, one tip is that there are heaps of really good kid podcasts that'll keep them quiet in the car.

Just type "kids" into the podcast app on your phone. Trust me.

Okay here are a couple key summer tips that you can thank me later for:

Don't pick the white speedos, especially true for dark-haired  

Cool wine quickly by wrapping in wet tea towel and putting in freezer

Put a spray bottle of water in the Fridge for a refreshing spritz

Empty sunscreen containers can be used to smuggle vodka into cricket. But you didn't hear that from me

And nobody looks cool playing Frisbee.

Watch the full Project video above.