Air New Zealand refunds entire plane of passengers after terrifying turbulence

A Boeing 787 operated by Air New Zealand takes off from Shanghai airport
Photo credit: Getty

An Air New Zealand flight on Wednesday was so turbulent that all passengers onboard have been offered a full refund.

The flight had passengers vomiting, to the point that emergency services were on hand to help the more nauseated travellers.

Air NZ flight NZ5715 was travelling from Christchurch to Invercargill. 

What would usually be a standard flight turned out to be anything but, as the plane was slammed with 180km/h crosswinds. 

Owen Scott, a passenger on the flight told NZME "[The turbulence] was just non-stop. We had a 10-minute respite, and then it hit us again."

Mr Scott said around 20 percent of the people on board vomited during the rough ride.

However, he didn't fault the service of the crew or pilot; despite saying it was the worst flight of his life.

"I think Air New Zealand did a great job, I think the pilot deserves a medal" he told Stuff.

An Air NZ spokesperson told Newshub all passengers were offered a full refund, and the option of attending a debriefing with the crew.

However, according to the spokesperson "at least one customer" has contacted the company to say that the offer of a refund, while appreciated, is unnecessary.

"He and his travelling companion specifically praised the pilots and crew for their exceptional management of the flight and highlighted the excellent care they received on arrival in Invercargill."