An end in sight? 'Cold change' coming to end New Zealand heatwave

This week's heatwave may soon be over as forecasts predict a cold front moving up the South Island on Friday.

Weather Watch says the run of relentless temperatures will soon be broken as a "cold change" lowers temperatures in some parts of the South Island by over 12degC.

It will be a much desired change for many, after some areas recorded temperatures of over 37degC in the past few days.

The front will bring showers in the lower North Island and some isolated showers further up the country.

But the cooler weather may not be sticking around for long - it's forecast to fall apart as it hits the upper North Island by Saturday.

Weather Watch has forecast another hot spell for the beginning of next week, but says Waitangi Day may actually bring some rain as another front pushes up through the South Island.

However forecasters say it's too early to say for certain what will happen next Wednesday, so hope of a sunny Waitangi Day is still alive.