Auckland's last Civic DVD rental store closes

People were queuing out the door of Auckland's last Civic DVD rental store on Monday, as it prepares to close for good.

Hundreds lined up hoping to bag a bargain as Civic Video on Auckland's North Shore sold off its stock.

It's the latest victim of Netflix and other online streaming services.

Owner Nicholas Thomas couldn't believe that people came out in droves seeing as the store has been quiet for the past six months.

"I didn't think it was going to be this hectic. When we drove in at 9 o'clock the queue was already down the strip of shops and down the driveway," he told Newshub. 

Mr Thomas says it's lucky he had enough staff to help him out.

"I've had to put one of my staff members on the door to control the number of people coming in for health and safety reasons and even the air conditioning can't cope today."

The store has been open for 21 years and has two months to sell 60 thousand DVDs and games.

Mr Thomas says a lot has happened since then people have even been married in the store.

Customers Newshub spoke with were also sad to hear it's the end of an era too.

Just last month Videon - Auckland's go-to shop for weird, obscure and arty films - closed its store in Mt Eden after 36 years.

Online streaming services like Netflix have been blamed for forcing DVD stores to shut down.

Mr Thomas says he'll open a new business on the premises but he wouldn't give away too many clues about it, except to say this time it would be future proof.