Aucklanders erupt in anger to 'stink' public transport fare increases

Aucklanders are reacting in outrage to news their public transport fares are going up. Costs will increase by as much as 50 cents per ride across train, bus and ferry services.

Auckland Transport says this is necessary as "holding fares at current levels is insufficient to meet the costs of providing public transport services without further funding being available".

But users say this will only discourage people from using public transport.

"Not sure how putting up the price of already relatively expensive public transport fares is going to encourage people to use the public transport, Auckland Transport," one person tweeted.

"Hiking fares drives people to cars," Ben Ross warns.

The New Zealand Public Transport Users Association warns this could have a dire effect on Kiwis. National coordinator Jon Reeves says the increase is "absolutely unfair".

"There was no public consultation on this and it highlights the undemocratic nature of this organisation which is now out of control," he says.

"We know Auckland has the third most expensive public transport service in the world. Having an increase now will not help Aucklanders in the affordability stakes."

The impact on the poor and beneficiaries is also being criticised.

"I already pay enough as it is. Nearly $80 a week in bus and train fares. I can barely afford that and now they're gonna raise the price again ffs," one person wrote.

"Stink one with the big jump in the student fares @AklTransport. On top of the petrol tax hitting our poorest hard," another said.

Mr Reeves warns the increase will have a dramatic impact on people with fixed incomes.

"If you have a family of public transport users this could cost $20 a week," he says.

"If you're on a fixed income that's a lot of loaves of bread."


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