'Bad news': Rowdy tourists allegedly spotted in Northcote bar

The Irish tourists who wreaked havoc on Takapuna Beach have allegedly been spotted misbehaving in other Auckland locations.

Video of a man, woman and child littering and verbally abusing other members of the public went viral earlier on Monday, with Kiwis disgusted at the visitors' antisocial behaviour.

But the beach trip wasn't the end of the group's misadventures on Sunday.

Auckland man Martin Folan says he saw the same people at Northcote's Backyard Bar at about 4:30pm that same afternoon.

The group - estimated to have been as many as 12 people, including multiple young children - asked him and his partner if they knew what time the neighbouring Indian restaurant opened.

It was an innocent enough question, but Mr Folan says he immediately got the feeling they were up to no good.

"The little kids were even trying to eye up my 9-year-old boy, he never noticed but I did and had a slight chuckle to myself as he was tiny to my son," he wrote on Facebook.

"[We] also saw the very large man just looking at us and I knew they were no good."

The Backyard Bar in Northcote.
The Backyard Bar in Northcote. Photo credit: Google Maps

He believes the group brought alcohol into the bar that hadn't been purchased on the premises, judging by the empty beer bottles on their table. 

"I know an Irish accent and of traveling Irish 'gypsies', so the way they all were as individuals made it obvious they weren't a polite crowd when it comes down to it," he told Newshub.

"They asked a question, we answered it, we went on our way. They just seemed to be bad news."

It was only when Mr Folan and his family got home that evening that they saw the video taken on Takapuna Beach and recognised the litterbugs as the same people from the bar.

"Hope they are held accountable for their actions," he told Newshub.

Another commenter on the original Facebook video claims she confronted the same man from the footage in a Bunnings store in Hillsborough.

"He's absolutely s**ting himself after getting a bit of a talking to from us about respecting our country."

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident at Takapuna Beach, and have reminded the public that littering is a serious offence punishable by fine.

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